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Meet our pastors.


lead Pastor

Brandon Jacobs

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I'm Brandon Jacobs and I'm the founder and Lead Pastor with Alive Nashville. I'm married to the amazing Sara and we have two little daughters. I grew up here in Nashville, in the Antioch area, where Sara and I were high school sweethearts before going off to college and getting married. I've been in ministry for about 15 years in different parts of the South and Midwest. I've had some truly great experiences in church, and some truly horrible experiences in church.

A couple of years ago, despite being happy where we were, Sara and I felt a call to start a new and different church. Since then we've been gathering with like-minded people to make our dream a reality. You can contact me at



Joyce Claassen


I’m Joyce Claassen, 23 year veteran of Nashville. I’ve graduated from Florida Christian College in Kissimmee, Florida (now known as Johnson University Florida) with an Associates of Arts, Lipscomb University with a Bachelors of Science in Education, and a Masters degree from Trevecca in Library Science. My passion has always been to serve Christ through children’s education. I’m wife to Mark Claassen & Mom to 4 amazing kids! I have two in college, one in high school, & one in elementary.   I am excited to share my love of children & Christ with Alive Nashville.  You can contact me at