Real human connection. Purpose beyond the day-to-day.


We all want it. So what would a church be like that was radically committed to pursuing it? What would being a part of that community mean for your life? You're invited to find out.


What can I expect?

What would it be like if we invited literally anyone to be part of our community and to explore the unique life and teachings of Jesus? What if we challenged each other, and lifted each other up, and inspired each other to come alive like never before? That's who we want to be. We are Alive Nashville.


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Aug 18 - 6:00-7:30 - LOCATION TBA

meet good people, eat good food, and find out how together we can make this dream a reality. Click below for more info.

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Our Launch Sunday is September 29. That's when we start regularly gathering for Sunday teaching and worship. But between now and then we're doing Startup Parties, Get-Togethers, and Community Groups.

Watch our Latest Sermon

Tune in to stay up to date and watch our sermons from past weeks. After our launch, we will continue to update with the latest videos and keep you up to date with our teaching and sermon series.


Your generosity enables our church community to exist and fulfill our mission. But it's also true that when we give to something we want to exist in the world, it makes experiencing it so much more fulfilling.